times sq ground floor floor plan

Venue Rental:

Please be informed on the following;

(1)  Event with Deposit paid in full will be confirmed by The Management without any changes or refunds to the Client or Agent;

(2)  50% deposits of the total rental must be paid upon confirmation of event;

(3)  Full payment is to be made two (2) weeks prior to the event;

(4)  Space rental of ground floor is divided into three parts only: Area A, Area B and Area C. Clients are required to take up at least the whole area of one of the following (Area A, Area B or Area C) to meet the minimum requirement.

(5)  Notice of event cancellation or postponement must be given to the Management in writing by the Client or the Agent. Cancellation / postponement fees shall be payable and are dependent on the notice period provided by the Client or the Agent:

  • If cancelled or postponed 2 months or more prior to commencement date: no fee
  • If cancelled or postponed within 60 days prior to commencement date: 30% cancellation fee on Venue Rental shall be charged
  • If cancelled or postponed within 30 days prior to commencement date: 50% cancellation fee on Venue Rental shall be charged
  • If cancelled or postponed within 7 days prior to commencement date: 100% cancellation fee on Venue Rental shall be charged

(6)  Drawings or Floor plan for the event set-up designs must be submitted to The Management upon confirmation of rental of venue.

(7   The Management reserves the right to release any date that has been booked by the Client or Agent if there is no deposit or if only partial payment is made;

(8)  The Management reserves the right to allocate or relocate the venue in accordance to the nature of products, booth design and availability of space.

(9)  The Management also reserves the right to the change the venue and duration of the event if deemed necessary.

(10) The Company has to ensure that for the event held at Times Square Brunei, there should be no business collision between the Client or Agent and Tenant at Times Square;

(11) Therefore, The Management needs to undergo The Company’s exhibitors’ list or categories to ensure that there are no clashes with Times Square’s tenants;

(12) Subletting the venue and facilities by the tenant is strictly not allowed;

(13) Outside food or catering are strictly not allowed in the premises. Catering should only be ordered or arranged with any of Times Square’s tenants;

(14) Move in and Move Out – The Management must be informed prior to the event of the precise time and date that the Client or Agent wishes to do their set up and dismantle.

(15) Permits – The event organisers are responsible to obtain the permits from the relevant government authorities to hold any event in

Times Square premises.

(16) Insurance – The organiser/vendor/exhibitor is responsible to insure all exhibitions. The Management shall not be liable for any theft or loss of the exhibitor’s products.

(17)  Carpet – The area used for the event must be fully carpeted to avoid damages to Times Square flooring material. Extra care shall also be taken by the organiser during moving in and out of heavy items.

(18)  Pillars must not be used for sticking promotional advertisements or notices.

 (19)  No nailing is allowed on any part of the Times Square premises.

(20)  Storage – The event organiser shall allocate its own storage.

(21)  Maintenance and Cleanliness must be ensured at all time and it is fully under the Client or Agent’s responsibility.

(22)  Smoking is strictly NOT allowed within the premises. It is the Client or Agent’s responsibility to inform their respective exhibitors/vendors regarding the No Smoking policy. The Management is not responsible or liable for any fine charged by the authorities, if any of the exhibitors/vendors/event organisers are involved.

(23) The Management reserves the right to amend any aspect of the event from time to time at its sole discretion.

*Others Terms and Conditions apply. The terms and conditions is subject to change without any prior notice at anytime.


You are welcome to contact the Marketing Department during office hours at +673-233 8208 or simply email us at tsmarketingbrunei@gmail.com to make reservations.